Veduta Aerea  - Riclam RICLAM ®, is a well known business expert in the field of prefabbricated chimneys covered in veneer stone or marble. It was born around 1990 with two main characteristics: enthusiasm and passion. The production started out in a limited space with sales that were extended merely to the local population, hereafter due to the quality of the products there was a remarkable expansion of sales both in the provincial and regional area.

Today, RICLAM ®, works and produces in an area of about 1,500 mq. This increase underlines the distribution and spreading of its products and it, also, determines the company's interest to satisfy the client's needs and necessities in the best way possibile using advanced machinery and highly qualified employees. The majority of the production is concentrated on the realization of custom-made prefabbricated chimneys covered in veneer stone or marble.

Parete in Pietra RICLAM ® In the laboratories, with the use of new technologies without diminishing and degrading traditional artisan craft, the company makes objects in stone or marble which can be considered artistic. Based on the client's particular request the objects take different shape and form like:
- historical and religious imagery in low and high relief;
- highly decorated gateways;
- shower trays;
- washbasins;
- kitchen sinks;
- particular décor;
- and more!

The RICLAM ® products are manufactured with:

RICLAM ® is an authorized dealer for STONE ITALIANA for countertops and bathrooms in quartz.

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